Valentine’s Day Drink

Valentine’s Day Drink is a fun beverage the kids will love and think is so fun. It just takes two ingredients plus some ice and adding some Valentine straws makes it cute.

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Valentine's Day Drink is a fun beverage for Valentine's Day. The kids will love making them and drinking them. #Drinks #Beverages #FruitPunch #SparklingWater #ValentinesDay #Kids #FamilyFun #HolidayRecipes

Ingredients Needed for Valentine’s Day Drink:

Full sugar fruit punch-red

Zero sugar flavored sparkling water-pink


Valentine's Day Drink is a fun beverage for Valentine's Day. The kids will love making them and drinking them. #Drinks #Beverages #FruitPunch #SparklingWater #ValentinesDay #Kids #FamilyFun #HolidayRecipes

Instructions for Valentine’s Day Drink:

Place enough ice in a glass to fill it about a third full.

Carefully pour the full sugar fruit punch over the ice without hitting or splashing the sides of the glass or cup. Fill it to about halfway.

Carefully place more ice on top of the ice and fruit punch.

Slowly pour the flavored sparkling water over the ice-slowly so it will not mix. Do not mix this drink. The sugar free beverage will sit on top of the sugared beverage. Just pour slowly.

Add fun straws carefully and serve. The kids will love this for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day Drink is a fun beverage for Valentine's Day. The kids will love making them and drinking them. #Drinks #Beverages #FruitPunch #SparklingWater #ValentinesDay #Kids #FamilyFun #HolidayRecipes

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Valentine’s Day Drink

A fun beverage for Valentine's Day

Course Beverage
Cuisine American
Keyword Drink Recipes, Family Fun, holiday, Punch Recipes, Valentine’s Day
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 1
Author Sweeter With Sugar


  • fruit punch red in color, full sugar and chilled
  • sparkling flavored water pink in color, zero sugar and chilled


  1. Fill desired glass about 1/3 full of ice.

  2. Slowly pour chilled fruit punch over the ice, without splashing the sides of the glass. Fill so the glass is about half full.

  3. Carefully place more ice in the cup and slowly pour chilled sparkling flavored water (I used kiwi strawberry) over the ice. Pouring it slowly will make the zero sugar beverage sit on top of the sugared beverage.

  4. Do NOT stir. Serve with cute straws, if desired.


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