Chicken Ranch Wraps

These Chicken Ranch Wraps are a very simple recipe that you can make to your liking. They are very versatile and can be easily changed to cater to everyone’s taste buds in your family.

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What is so great about these Chicken Ranch Wraps is you can make them exactly how each family member chooses. Just set all of the ingredients out and let your family make their own!

In my house, I like more lime juice and less onion on my wraps and my husband likes way more ranch and lots of onion with less lime juice. With this meal, everyone gets what they want!

To make these wraps, you need to prep the chicken beforehand. You can season a chicken breast and grill it, bake it, fry it, whatever you want. You could even crock pot it if you wanted. I seasoned my chicken breast with our favorite chicken seasoning and baked it. Then I sliced it into strips. You could easily shred it if you wanted to also.

Once the chicken is ready, you’ll prep your other ingredients. I like to put mine in bowls so each family member can easily pick and choose to create their own wrap.

After your wraps are all assembled you’ll lightly brown it in a pan on the stove to get it crispy and melt the cheese. I use this pan and love it! Now you are all done and get to eat them! Which is obviously the best part and the whole reason you’re here.. Enjoy!

Chicken Ranch Wraps

An easy dinner recipe that is very adaptable to your family.


  • 2 cups chicken cooked in your favorite seasoning and sliced
  • 5-6 flour tortillas
  • ranch
  • lime juice
  • cilantro chopped
  • green onion diced
  • mozzarella cheese grated


  1. Assemble all of the ingredients you want inside of your flour tortilla. Close the tortilla up on all four sides.

  2. Heat a skillet up on medium low heat and spray it with non stick cooking spray.

  3. Place the tortilla in the pan with the seams of the tortilla face down. Let the tortilla get golden brown and flip it. Let the other side get golden brown and remove from the pan.

  4. Repeat with the rest of the tortillas.

  5. Enjoy!

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