Strawberry Peach Freezer Jam

We have been making this strawberry peach jam for as long as I can remember. It is delicious with peanut butter or on toast. We love it on homemade bread right out of the oven with a little butter. Yum!

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1 1/2 pounds ripe strawberries

1 1/2 pounds ripe peaches

2 packages Pectin

1 1/2 cups water

8 cups sugar

1 1/4 cup Karo syrup

1/4 cup lemon juice


1. Wash and hull strawberries, peel peaches and remove pit.

2. Mash fruit with a potato masher. Then, add sugar and stir. Add Karo and lemon juice. Stir to combine. Let stand 10 minutes. Stir frequently.

3. While fruit sits, bring water and Pectin to a boil. Boil for one minute.

4. After fruit sits for 10 minutes, add Pectin mixture and mix well.

5. Put jam in containers that can be placed in the freezer. It will make about 10 cups. I like to use 8-10 containers so I can un-freeze a small amount at a time.

6. Let containers of jam sit at room temperature until set-up to 24 hours. Place in freezer until ready to use.

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