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Welcome to My Favorites Page on our food and recipe blog. Cooking, baking, grilling are some of our favorite things to do! You will find some of our favorite items that we love to use on this page.

I am totally obsessed with Pampered Chef:

This chopper and garlic press I use all of the time! These products make casserole making easier. I have had mine for years. They look newer and different than mine. But, Pampered Chef has quality products. I bought my chopper and garlic press in 1998 and am still using and loving these tools! I would say that is quality, durability, and well worth the cost.

The sandwich press and the scoops I purchased in 2015 and love them. We make our own pb&js with this tool and love it! The scoops are fantastic-they make cupcakes and muffins so much easier and less messy.

We love to use the brownie pan for more than just brownies-click on the links below to see some fun and yummy recipes!

Rocky Road Brownies

Breakfast Muffins

Mini Chicken Taco Cups

Frozen Yogurt Squares

This apple cutter/corer is fantastic. When I bought mine many, many years ago, they did not have the cover for this product. What a great idea! Those edges are very sharp and the cover is a wonderful addition to this already great product.

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